College Project

Full Sail University

Letter of Recommendation

To Whom It May Concern:

   It is without a doubt that I am writing this letter of recommendation to Juan Martinez for a position in game design at Full Sail University. Juan is a good friend and is good with technology and likes to play games. he wants to go from just playing games to making the too.

You should accept him in because he is a hard worker and finishes all his work on time.

   juan also has a good personality and can get along easily with any other students. he tries hard to live up to the expectations that people want from him.

      We both went to school together and in class he would always finish his work. He also would help around the school such as cleaning and any community service outside the school.

       If you have any more questions about him you can send me an email at


                    James Rivera

College / Career

Full Sail University, DC-3 Airplane

It began in 1979, and it began as a dream to make a place where people can learn how to take their passion for entertainment and turn it into a career they love.

There is no fight song

Applicants must at least passed high school with a standard high school diploma or have passed the GED.

There are places where you can refuel your body to keep on going or have a brainstorm sessions out of class. You can also walk ,drive, ride a bike, or take a bus

Cost and Tuition page:

Bachelor of Science Degree, Game Development.

Persuasive Essay

I would like to go to this college because it has tons of great stuff that I can make like some Game Art, Game Development, and has tons of stuff that people can be entertained. If this college can bring your dreams to life as of making people get entertained then I don't what will. This kind of college can bring entertainment to life and if it doesn't then you can go a different type of college that can be suited for you and I am not judging. Also it is next to Universal Studios of Orlando because Full Sail has their own studio so if you want go to work at Universal Studios then this college can be fit for you. This college also has online classes so you don't really have to far away from your family but it only depends on which kind of class you would like to take then that could be problem and it could be fun to feel the full experience at this university. You can also produce music, film, and any kind of entertainment and also take English as a second language.

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