Echidna's Reproduction  

By Christine Cadman

The Echidna can only be found in Australia and New Guinea.

They live in a terrestrial environment.


Echidna is one of two animal that is a Monotreme. A Momotreme its a type of mammals that lays eggs. The only other Monotreme in the world is the platypus.

The male Echidna has a four-headed penis, and a female Echidna has one hole y mate the male echidna penis uses the two middle penis heads and does not use the other two. The eggs gets fertilized when the male sperm enters the cloaca of the female. The cloaca is the opening of the urinal, reproductive system and the digestive system. After the egg gest fertilized inside the body the mother lays the eggs 12 - 20 weeks later. During this time the embyo gets developed inside the mother. In ten days after the mother lays the eggs it hatches.

The type of fertilization for the echidna has is internal. It is internal because the egg gets fertilized inside the body not outside.

About 200 gamete is released during this progress. This is good because most likely the egg will get fertilised, but it will be also wast of lots of gamete because at the end it only uses one.


The process of embryo development happens internally. The echidna lay eggs witch mean it is a oviparous.

Echidna is wildly famous for they spikes they use they spikes against predators such a snakes. They also use this to protect they eggs.

It takes 12 - 20 week till the mother can lay the egg the mother lays the eggs after the process embryo finishes.

This is good because the puggle can stay with the mother till the embryo and not get eaten by other predators. But after the egg is laid you can not save it from predators.

Parental Care

Echidna only lay a single egg. When the egg hatches the puggle stays in the mother pouch for 7 weeks. After that it is put in a nursery burrow(PICTURE ABOVE) for up to 5 mouth the mother normally visit the puggle every 5 to 10 days for feeding. In the burrow the puggle can drink about 40 present of its weight. When seven mouth past the puggle comes out of the burrow and left to live on its own. The mother after that leaves and ignore the Echidna.

Fun Fact

Echidna bread in the winter

Its Monotreme, its a type of mammals that lays eggs. The only other Monotreme in the world is the platypus.

A male Echidna has 4 penis heads.


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