What It's Like to be an Athlete in Today's Society?


The chances of becoming a professional athlete today are incredibly thin. I've wanted to be a professional athlete since the day I was born, and when I was young, I always thought I would be able to pull it off. I've now learned that becoming a professional athlete is very challenging. According to Judd Biasiotto "Each year approximately 250,000 high school seniors participate in inter-scholastic basketball. Of these seniors, approximately 12,000 will receive college scholarships. Out of that 12,000 around 200 players will be drafted by the N.B.A.; but only about 50 will actually be offered a contract. Of these fifty, only five will eventually earn a starting position. Of these five, only two will stay in the N.B.A. for more then five years." Now this is only for basketball, but he goes on to say that the odds of making it in any other sport are not much better. Clearly you can see how difficult it can be to get your dream job. Professional athletes train all the time and that's how they made it to where they are now. Even with the odds stacked against you, young athletes shouldn't give up on their dreams to make it to the majors.


Everyone loves athletes right? WRONG!!! Athletes travel from city to city to play games at stadiums with fans just booing them all the time. Away games for professional athletes are very painful. Most of the time, they have to travel a long way to somewhere they don't even want to be, just to play one game and then leave. The game starts and nobody there is cheering them on even when they make a great play. I know if I were the athlete I would want to get out of there as fast as possible. Home town fans aren't much better either. They are extremely quick to hate a player for their team. One bad play and your own fans hate you.

This video shows how crazy fans can get after their star player leaves to go to another team.

To go along with that, athletes don't get to spend time with their family. If they have kids, it's not like they can travel with them, because they have to go to school the next morning. You can imagine how troublesome it can be when children have a parent that is away for half of the year.


There are two different types of athletes in the world today. The first one being the kind that thinks they are the greatest player of all time, and extremely cocky. The second type of athlete is the kind that is an athlete because they are gifted at a sport and are there to get the work done. Some athletes just care about getting the big bucks, and some actually have a heart. It's just sad to know that some athletes are just mean and all they care about is how big their house is and how nice their car is. Unfortunately that's how some people are when they think they are greater than others.

Many people believe that athletes are far overpaid, because their job is playing a sport a couple times a week. I agree that some athletes should not be getting $50 million a year. That's just outrageous. Some of that money could be going to school systems and the government. Honestly, nobody needs a $50 million annual salary. Floyd Mayweather's nickname is "Money"... Floyd "Money" Mayweather. He calls his team of trainers and himself the Money Team. You can see that he really only cares about money.

Some of the kind-hearted athletes have a view on their sports life as troublesome. They have to be away from their family for a long period of time every year. It hurts them to know that their kids are at home missing them. Also, they are traveling all the time, and they are sick of flying around the country all the time.


Have you ever wondered how hard it is to become a professional athlete? How hard you must train? How much you would have to be away from your family if you were one? Being an athlete isn't all fun and games. It is extremely hard to become a professional, and there are many downsides. You feel lonely all the time and miss your family. Adena Andrews said "Winning a championship, or in Chris Bosh's situation a playoff game, is really just a part of his job. It's another day at the office, with a championship being a really good promotion.On the other hand, a child is a natural miracle and a part of you. Making that first eye contact with your mini-me is a once-in-a-lifetime chance." Chris Bosh almost missed the birth of his child because of an important game, but instead left New York and missed the game instead. If you were a professional athlete how would you go around with your business? Would you be extremely cocky, or still remember what's important in life?

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2 years ago

So it seems a little disjointed - first you say that the paper is going to be about how persistence can pay off, then you start talking about the difficulty of being a profesh playa. Also, I don't see any evidence to support some of your claims. "athletes don't get to spend time with their family." Prove it. "Some athletes just care about getting the big bucks." Prove it. "I will admit, I agree that some athletes should be getting $50 million a year." Prove that too! You'll need research to back up your claims. I wanna see charts proving that players are making more money. I wanna see training camp dates and info about how much athletes are spending on the road. I want to see someone in an interview saying "I only care about making the big bucks" or at least some sport commentator talking about how someone only cares about making the big bucks.

2 years ago