Experience the Light and Sound of God

About Eckankar

Eckankar is a spiritual path that is founded on the belief that each person is an eternal spark of God. The word “Eckankar” translates roughly to “Co-worker with God.” The term traces back to the Far East; however, it and other terms in Eckankar have their own unique meaning distinct from Eastern philosophies and teachings.

Eckankar offers its followers a set of spiritual tools that, if followed truly, can lead a person to gain self-confidence and freedom through spiritual enlightenment via dreams, past lives, and Soul Travel. Eckankar is headquartered in Minnesota, and its church has adherents in more than 100 countries.

In Eckankar, the notion of Self-Realization actually refers to the idea of self-recognition as Soul; meanwhile, Soul Travel refers to the expansion of one’s consciousness and the ability to access non-material realms. In Eckankar, this ability is taken as a proof of the existence of an eternal God as well as the continuation of consciousness and existence after physical death.

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