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Carrying Capacity and Changes In Population

Carrying Capacity is how many organisms can live in the ecosystem and the resources they need to survive for example:





Tree Frogs make up some of the population, but there is some much shelter and not much water so sometimes they die off but no water

Limiting Factors and Predator/Prey Relationship

Some limiting factors in my ecosystem are sunlight because of very dense canopies so some plants can't grow.

A predator/prey relationship is a insect being eaten by a lizard but because of the very dense canopies some plants can't grow so the insect will die then the lizard has no insect to eat so they die too.

Energy Roles

Trees would be producers, they would be eaten by ants,which is a 1st level consumer/herbivore,then is eaten by a bird,which is a 2nd level consumer/omnivore,also eaten by a snake,which is a 3rd level consumer/carnivore,then when it dies it is decompose by fungi

the tree gets it energy from the sun, then the ant gets it energy from the trees, then the birds gets it energy from the ants, then the snake gets it energy from the birds, then the fungi gets it energy from the dead snake.

the producers take in the suns light so it can grow and they are important to any eco system because other herbivores have to eat and if the producers died the the herbivores couldn't eat and then they would died too.

Food chains and food webs

Food webs are more realistic than food chains in my ecosystem because the food web shows more about the animals eat not just one thing they eat but millions on what they eat

If I removed the plant population then the herbivores wouldn't have anything to eat, then they would die and the carnivores would have nothing to eat and would die.

Trophic Levels and Energy Pyramids

Producers have 10,000kcals, then when primary consumers eat them they get 1,000kcals, then secondary consumers eat them and get 100kcals, then top concumers eat them and get only 10kcals.

The reason why it's a pyramid is because a pyramid goes up just like the animals eating each other they go up.

The reason why the producers are at the bottom because they are the main thing that start the pyramid and the top predators are at the top because they end it.


Co2 + H2O + (sun energy)> C6H12O6 + O2

Water, Carbon Dioxide, and Sun energy is needed. Glucose and Oxygen is produced.


Tropisms is turning or bending movement of an organism toward or away from an external stimulus such as light,heat,or gravity.

Orchids,Poinsettia,Heliconia,Bromeliad are a few examples of Tropisms.

The one turning towards the light helps itself because so it can do photosynthesis.

The Role of a Decomposer

So the can nutreance the soil for plants to grow. If there weren't any decomposers the plants wouldn't have any nutreance and would die.

Fungi,Earthworms,Termites are a few examples

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@gracejohnson2 under carrying capacity, what you wrote about tree frogs doesn't make much sense. revisit that sentence before Friday. also, make sure to include all of the definitions for energy roles. you gave examples, which is great, but you need to include definitions, too.

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