Helping kids around the World

                                           Q1)What kind of kids need help?

A1)Everyone needs an education so they can get a career an if they want to do  anything valuable with their life. Most kids that live in an underdeveloped most likely don't get an education because they have to help out the family with work and school doesn't seem important to them. For example kids in the United States are obligated to go to school and get an education if he or she wants to they can go to college. Unlike the U.S other countries such as Asia and South America most kids want to go to school but cant because they have to help out the family.


How can I help them?

One way I can help them is to prepare them for school and start with the basics. I could offer them reading books and tutor them with math. Another way I can help them is introduce the children to the power of artistic expression (drawing, painting, music, drama, dancing, acting, etc.) Instead of putting the kids in the classroom with textbooks and cold hard facts I could do more hands on things like projects. Lastly I think it is important to make learning fun so when they go through a bard time they don't drop out of school.

Where do I start to help?

One way I can start to help is by opening up schools in places that don't have schools or that don't have any way of getting an education. Another way of helping them is by handing out textbooks and helping them understand and how to read.  Most schools in the U.S use textbooks for the students and are starting to use technology to make the learning experience more fun and easy. Lastly, I think it's important to make learning fun for the kids so they would want to come and learn more.

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