A. Fuller

Inventions of the Industral Revulotion

The telephone - 1875

Alexander Graham Bell

The importance of the telephone was to create a easier way to communicate and to do it quickly.  It worked great for emergency situations, instead of people having to wait a day or more for someone to come by and see them then go and get help. It also helped a lot of people stay in contact with each other if the had to move or go away for a short time.


Thomas Edison

The importance of this invention was for people to hear music in there homes and not have to perform it. It help build more of the  music world. Also allowing people to make more money buy selling their own music.

Light bulb - 1882

Thomas Edison

The importance of the light bulb was to make having light in your house easier and safer. They didn't have to burn oil for light anymore. If we didn't have the light bulb we would be sitting in dark or by a fire.

Automatic Dishwasher-1886

Josephin Cochran

The dishwasher was important because it was less labor for people. It was also a lot faster and efficient then people. Also better for small food places back then.

Hand held Camera - 1888

George Eastman

This invention was important because it was a way to capture special moments in history. It also made it a lot easier with it being portable. People also didn't have to have big HUGE cameras.

gasoline-powered automobile - 1893

Charles and Frank Duryea

This invention was important because it was the beginning of a new era. It made it easier for people to get from place to place. Also making it a lot faster then walk from one half of country to the other. But with anything thats new comes problems.

Plane to go off the ground - 1903

Orville and Wilbur Wright

This invention was important because it allowed people to get people to fly over hills and mountains with out having to go around them or blow them up to go through them . It was also faster then cars or horses. Also for travelers they didn't have to deal with cowboys and other complications.

Vacuum cleaner - 1901

Hubert Booth

This invention was important because it helped people clean more efficient then brooms. It helped with germs and disease.

Magnetic tape recorder - 1899

Valdemar Poulsen

This invention was important because it revolutionized broadcast and recording. When all radio was live it allowed programming to be recorded. Got information across faster.

X-ray - 1895

Wilhelm Conrad Rontgen

This invention was important because it allowed doctors to see  what was broken and where it was. It also helped them understand more about the skeleton system.

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