K-12 mLearning Options

Mobile learning is very effective and students can learn things in a better way through different mobile apps. Some of the useful apps are listed below.


1. Woices.com Location Based Audio guides

What is this? This app is really cool and it allows students to create tours of different locations. They can create stories about the history behind a particular place and others would be able to listen to the stories when they travel through the place on the app.

How can it be used? This can be used by students in studying different historical locations and it is a good practice for them and it will help them remember the content because they are the one who make the whole tour and insert stories about a particular place. It seems to be a really good tool for Social Studies.

2. Animation Creator HD Lite For IPad

What is this? It is an application through which students can create animations and for any story.

How can it be used? Students can create stories on any novel for better understanding. They could also create a slightly different version of stories and can create different scenes of how they think about any particular scene should be or they can also make the ending slightly different. It is a very creative tool and can be used in English Arts.

3. VoiceThread

What is this? VoiceThread is a very useful tool which allows students to record audio or video about any particular topic. It also allows students to make comments on it.

How can it be used? Students who do not really feel comfortable standing up front of the class can create their presentations using the voiceThread from home and other students and teacher can post comments on it.

4. MindBlowing App For Idevices

What is this? Students can collect different images and videos related to any theme.

How can it be used? It is helpful for students in getting deep knowledge about the topic. They can search many videos on different topics or concepts and can learn more.

5. Talking Tom & Ben News Reporters

What is this? It is an app which has two news reporters. Students can create dialogues for them and create a news report.

How can it be used? Students can create any presentation in a news reporting style. For example they can create anything related to politics or current politics and put their own views on it in terms of dialogues.


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