Facebook project

historical figure project by:Sadoc Ladouceur
computer science

well this is my Facebook project about Zachary Taylor. And my project has a conversation of Zachary Taylor and James K. Polk talking back and fourth to each other. Also I have pictures of some of the places he has been to. Also some of the things he did in life i got pictures of like became the president of the united states of America. This has his born date where he was born and it has a brief discription of his life and why he is famous and will be known forever.

I have other historical events on it to like the day he became president and how he was talking to the people. I also have the day he died on this. And the reason i choose him as my historical figure because i have to show the old president some respect. And I've learned that he went to alot of interesting things in his life. That is what my project is about.

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