What I Learned...
By; Sarah Minton    #kettner

There was a lot of useful information that I learned in tech class this year, but there were three things that I found to be more useful, such as;

1. How to create presentations from different web sites.

2. How to create different working math functions when making a spread sheet.

3. Where all the letters are on the keyboard, and how to type without looking at the keyboard.

1. The first important thing that I learned in tech class, was how to create presentations from different websites. This was an important thing to learn, because as I get older, I am going to have to give more than one presentation. Having been shown the different websites to create said presentations, allows me a variety to choose from, depending on what type of presentation I am supposed to give. Example; Haiku Deck would be a good site if the objective was to present something with many pictures, and Tackk would be a good site for explaining pictures and videos, with captions and paragraphs.

2. The second useful thing that I have learned in Tech, would be how to create multiple different functions in an excel spreadsheet. This certain thing is useful to me because making a spreadsheet can be very useful in some cases, and knowing how to be able to create a working function, is helpful for if you need to change the numbers in the equation. If you did it properly, then when you change the numbers, the outcome of the function should change accordingly.

3. And the very last thing that I learned how to do in tech, is how to type without looking at the keyboard, and knowing where the keys are (for the most part). This was the most useful thing that I learned, in my opinion, because looking down at the keyboard and having to search around for the correct keys, takes a lot longer than need be. If you simply know where the keys are, and you don't have to stare at the keyboard, then it takes a lot less time to type what you want.

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