The Monk

Jayne Roberts and Angie Johns

... a-szyk-the-monk

Qoutes Displaying Indirect Characterization:

"I saw his sleeves were purfled at the hand..." (Chaucer 193)

"This said monk let such old things slowly pace / And followed new-world manners in their place." (Chaucer 175-176)

"His boots were soft; his horse of great estate." (Chaucer 203)

A gray horse with fully white hair coat, harnessed to a log, pulling it

Quotes that Display Direct Characterization:

"His head was bald and shown like any glass..." (Chaucer 198)

"Fat was this lord, he stood in goodly case." (Chaucer 200)

"His bulging eyes he rolled about..." (Chaucer 201)

Three Adjectives to Describe the Monk:

vain, plump, unconventional

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