Comunidade 3: Podcast

My experience:

For the third comunidade i chose to listen to a podcast. the podcast i chose was from the website the podcast discussed the history and significance of several Spanish patron saints and what impact they have on modern spanish society. the part  found most interesting was how it discussed many patron saints are celebrated with holidays and it corresponded with information that we have been learning lately in Spanish class.

What I learned:

One of the most important things I learned from this podcast was to what a huge degree the catholic faith ties together Spanish culture as a whole. not only holidays and patron saints, but nearly al of the Spanish traditions that the podcast discussed in some way, shape, or form has branched off of the Catholic faith at some point. i found this very interesting to see how one faith is able to unify so many different kinds of people.

How I can apply what i learned:

after listening to this podcast, i will now be able to take away a deeper respect for people who have much faith in some type of religion or culture in general. listening to the podcast really made me stop and think what a big effect religion and culture have on people and everyone's customs and traditions deserve to be respected because they often span over a time period of thousands of years.


firstly, i found it extremely interesting how you can see traces of Spanish culture al across the world. although it seems to be only a small part of the world to myself and many other Americans, culture spreads everywhere basically and even a small taste of a foreign culture can be beneficial to nearly anyone.

secondly, throughout doing comunidades for the entire year i realized what an important issue that immigration is. although not everybody is an immigrant, everyone in the world is distantly related to an immigrant of some type and the issue of immigration itself creates even more political, social, cultural and economic issues anywhere that it is present. it was interesting to me how nearly every comunidade i did could somehow relate to some aspect of immigration.

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