Poetry Project: Little Fish by Shel Silverstein

One little fish,

swam in his dish,

he blew bubbles,

and made a wish,

all he wanted,

was another fish,

to swim with him,

in his little fish

Another fish came one day,

to blow bubbles while they played,

two little fish,

blowing bubbles,

in the dish,

swimming around,

singing plish, plish plish.

I think the mood of the poem is sad, then happy, because in the beginning the little fish was all alone and wanted a friend swimming around and blowing bubbles by himself. But then another little fish came along and they blew bubbles swam around, and sang together. I think the theme of the poem is if you keep wishing, your dream will come true because the little fish didn't give up on finding a friend when he was all alone and he wished another little fish could come play with him until another fish came.

I chose these images and this song because they both start out sad, and get happy. In the images you can see that the fish is sad in the first picture and happy in the third picture. In the song, You've Got a Friend by Carole King, it explains in the beginning how your sad and all alone, and then I explains that whenever you need a friend, you'll have one.

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You've Got a Friend, Carole King