Michael VU

1. We had a good time doing meditation. We Have to say Aum and we had to breathe Heavily. We Had to sleep during this guide that will make us sleep. we had to practice meditation like good posture, breathing, and sit comfortable. We had to write things down about what we want to change and what makes are life better.

2. We meditated for a while to see what it feels like. I felt scared and nervous because it felt like something that you can already feel. I felt relaxed because it made me clear my mind. I was meditating but I had at least to think of something. When we meditated, it was like a quick practice but when we do it in a longer amount of time, it feels like you are bored.


meditation- A long relaxing exercise that can rest your body while breathing

Mantra- is saying Aum or om

Deep Breathing- is a good posture and heavy breathing so you can be relaxed

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