Career Research Project

Christos Andrios

Necessary Job Skills

1. You must be able to use lab instruments, and testing tools

2. Use chemicals and chemical formulas

3. Find ways to save energy and reduce polution

4. read and understand lab reports and records and or make lab reports and records

Education Requirements

1. Minimum is a 4 year college degree in chemistry

2. A Ph.D. is preferred by most employers

3.  multiple different chemistry courses like biology, analytical, inorganic, organic, and       physical chemistry

Bradley University

Bradley was founded in 1897 and it started offering education in the liberal and fine arts, the sciences, business, communications, education, enginee ring, technology and the health sciences. Its residential campus has a rough size of 5,700 students. Bradley is know for its excellent teaching and commitment to student success. Some of bradley's core values: Innovation, Excellence, Community, Diversity, Entrepreneurship.

“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.”  - Oscar Wilde

One can just float along the path of life and doing nothing. Just fly wherever the wind pushes them. But if one chooses to live their life they way they want to then it can be a fulfilling life. This quote is important because it says you should do what you want to do and take risks and live your life how you want and not just follow the crowd. this quote can be extremely important in the future when you want to shape your life and make big decisions like what occupation you want to do and where to live and all sorts of important decisions like that. and you should take risks and make your life the way you want it to be

The Williams sisters

The Williams sisters had and interest in tennis at a young age and began playing tennis with their parents. They lived in Compton California for most of their childhood. Both of the sisters worked very hard to get to where they are. "She's a competitor. She doesn't like to give free points and free games.No matter the score she wants to win those games and those points, whether she's down a break point or up a break point or whatever it is." Maria Sharapova said this about Serena Williams. I respect both of them a great deal because neither of them gives up and they try their hardest. I think perseverance, and being persistent in your life can help you a great deal and better your life.

Working as a Chemist

Being a chemist can be a very difficult job. An organic chemist at about talks about his career and what he's done so far.  "It was very hard to find a job after my Ph.D. and I sent resumes all over the country. I love my job now and have even received calls from recruiters for other job opportunities" Chemists are in high supply but they are in somewhat of a low demand. The job market for chemist is predicted to grow slowly but their are many people to fill those jobs. From the Chemist's personal experience it is best to get your Ph.D. so you can beat out your competition. But he says once you land a job the career is very fun and fulfilling.

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