Brighton Beach Memoirs
By Marcus Zapien

The Great Depression

The Great Depression took place in 1929-1939. The Great Depression was the longest lasting economic downturn. This all started after a stock market crash on October 1929. Many employers where fired cause of this making them lose their jobs. 13 to 15 million people were unemployed during that time.

Colleges in The 1930's

In my opinion, I think UTEP would be the best college for Eugene. In the 1930's the average tuition was $450. Also, the room and book price was about $520. The major difference in college now and before was the tuition because in the 1930's the tuition was about $450 and now the average is $9,000 for for state residents and $22,000 for out of state students. The mascot for UTEP is Paydirt Pete.

For Eugene going out of town, its going to be hard for him to live by himself. In the 1930's, Gas was only 17 cents per gallon. Also, food such as eggs which were 18 cents, Bread, 7 cents per loaf, and oranges which were 12 cents per dozen will be needed. Lastly a cost of a car which would be needed was $920.


The Jersey Boys first performance was on October 4, 2005. The cost of a ticket goes up from $27-140 dollars. Some of there songs were, "Sherry", "Stay", "Rag Doll" and more. Also, this play takes place in the 1960's with a group of 4 guys.

Stan's Apology letter

Dear Mr. Stroheim

      I am writing this letter to tell you why I should have my job back. I have many reasons why I should. Also, It will help out a lot.

I believe I should have my job back because I am a very hard worker. Therefor, I will be on time every day I work. Also, if I get my job back it will help greatly with my family because my dad, Jack, recently lost one of his jobs.

In conclusion, I apologize  very much for what I did. Re-hiring me will make me a harder worker then I was before. What I did was uncalled for.

                                                                                                   Sincerely, Stan

Personal Review

In my opinion, my favorite part of the book was when everyone was at then dinner table and needed to ask Uncle Jack something. My favorite character was Eugene because he was funny and liked sports. I think someone should read/watch the play because it is funny. Although it is funny, it can also be weird. Other than that I think this book would be a great book to read/watch.

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