Sleep in the Brain

By Gavin

Sleepy Brain

You might think that you do nothing while you’re sleeping, you are wrong. You do a lot of things while you’re sleeping. Well, your brain does. While your eyes are shut you go through stages of sleep, REM, and all kinds of dreams.

The Steps to Become a Deep Sleeper

During your sleep you go through 4 stages of sleep and then R.E.M. sleep. During stage 1 you are half way asleep and half way awake. In this stage you are in a light sleep. Stage 1 is a non REM sleep. In this stage you have hallucinations and swirling color patterns hypnotize your mind to rest. In stage 2 you still are in a light sleep but your brain waves are larger and slower than stage 1. In stage 2 you start to shift around. You shift around 30 times a night. In stage 3 is now a deeper sleep and it is harder to wake you. In stage 4 your body produces chemicals that help you grow. During stage 4 sleep walker and talkers do their thing. Then there is REM sleep. REM is rapid eye movement. Your eyes flutter behind closed eyelids while you dream because of your eye muscles twitching. It can be caused because of muscle relaxation after a high increase of brain activity.


When you sleep there is all kinds of dreaming. There are lucid,  nightmares and regular dreams. No one knows why we dream but there are a lot of theories. Psychologist Sigmund Feud’s theory believes dreams carry out hidden desires.  Jang’s theory was that dreams carry meaning but not always desire. So no one knows why we dream. It’s a mystery. Let’s talk about lucid dreaming. Lucid dreaming is a dream that you know you are dreaming or you have the ability to control your dreams.

Sleep activities

Behind shut eyes there is a great deal of sleep activity such as sleep walking, night terrors, and nightmares in very deep sleep. Nightmares starts at age 3-6 occur because your imagination develops which leads to fear developing. Nightmares occur when a young brain has a hard time separating make believe from reality and it comes out during dreaming. As a kid grows they can realize what is bad and it can scare then. During a nightmare you have REM and feel fear and terror.

Night Terrors

Night terrors are way different then nightmares a night terror is when you open your eyes open and scream while you’re asleep. Some symptoms are waking up from a deep sleep sweating, screaming, and confusion. If you were to ask the dreamer what happened, they would not say anything about a nightmare.

Sleep Walking

Sleep walking is when sleepers rise from slow wave sleep and perform something that someone with full consciousness would do. Sleep walkers normally have little or no memories at all of them sleep walking.


Now you know all that happens during your sleep and that your brain does not shut down. While you’re sleeping there is a lot going on in your head. During your sleep next time record your dreams at each time you go to bed and then share it. It will help with what type of dream you have.



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