Cooking and baking

By: Lexy Sizemore

Baking and cooking


Have you ever baked with your mom or grandma? If so you should love this tack. You will learn so much on how to mix your incidence and how to make Sure your food or dessert is done and more. Soon you will know so much and simple recipes you may teach your parents something.


So you are in the kitchen cooking or baking many people do. So if you are one of those people you are reading the right track. New recipes are made very day you should try to make your own sometime.


Mixing your indigence can be hard sometimes so when you are mixing anything it is to wash your hands first then mix with a spoon at first. Otherwise you will have a big cloud of dust. Or you can mix with a spoon the whole time. But when you are mixing bread due it is important to mix with a due hook and don’t be afraid to get in there and knead with your hands. And if you use a mixer start on slow and go up to high speed slowly.

Making your due

If you are making bread don’t use a mixer if you have the option. And if you are making white cookies doesn’t use the egg yolk only use the egg white otherwise you will wind up with tan cookies. And fell free to add food die to spice things up a bite.

Taking your dessert out of the oven

Before you take your cookies out of the oven make Shure your dessert is done you can check this by sticking a toothpick in your dessert or by putting on a oven mite and putting a little preacher on your dessert if it pops back up it is done but if it just sinks in it is not done. Win you take your dessert or meal out of the oven place it on a cooling rack or put it in the fridge. When you think your dessert is done cooling take a butter knife out and cute along the outside of the cake pan then you want to pop it out by pouting a plat on top of your dessert (This is manly for a cake) and flip it upside down then it is out.

Serving your dish.

When you are serving your dish put some frosting on flat serifs or do some rely cool lines. And a another good idea is to put it on a cool plat or just cut it and put it on a plat


These are the things you will need and look back at the text if you need to.

1 bag of choulclet chips.

2 ¼ cups flower.

1 2/4 cups sugar.

2 eggs.

2/4 cup olive oil.

¼ cup water.

1 half cup butter.

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