By: Ms. Abate

Definition: Homelessness occurs when a person or persons can't afford housing due to low wages or a lack of affordable housing. These people live in a temporary situation.


Homelessness occurs in 1/5 children in the United States.

Homelessness was originally recognized after WWI when soldiers returned without having a job to support their families.

Over 500,000 Americans are homeless in New York City.

Many cities suffer from homelessness when they are overpopulated because there is a lack of apartments and affordable housing for the residents.

It costs the average American $3,000 each year to feed each child. This is

How does it happen? What causes it?

Homelessness happens when a person does not have enough money to afford a residence. This person usually does not earn enough money to afford a home. Sometimes, there are not enough houses that are affordable. In this case, people wait in shelters until something available. Many times families and children end up on the streets. Sometimes they live in their cars. In the picture above, the man emphasizes this point. He used to live in a house and have money to survive. Something unexpected happened to him and left him on the street. Often times, people suffer from homelessness out of misfortune and not as a result of their actions.

Even though many people do not have control. Some people who suffer from homelessness suffer because of poor choices like drugs, alcohol, and uncontrolled spending. Before people reach the state of homelessness, help is out in America to get them back on track.

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