Edgar Allen Poe

Odd life of a famous author.

Edgar Allen Poe

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Birth and Young Childhood

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Poe was born in January 19, 1809 to traveling actors,and was the second born. His parents died,and he was sent to a wealthy tobacco farmer and business owner, John Allen

John tried to get Edgar interested in the tobacco business, and gave him documents, but on the back Edgar would just write poems and usually failed to complete business tasks.

Because of all the poetry, Edgar was able to publish his first poem collection at thirteen, but John did not allow it.

College was a misfortune?

Poe left his home to go to the University of Virginia,he excelled but he started to collect debt, and it made him so poor he had to burn his furniture to keep warm.

He returned home to see his fiancĂ©, Elmira Royster, only to find she was engaged to another man.A heartbroken Poe returned to John's  mansion,and engaged in hostility until he stormed out in search of adventure and a quest to become a great poet.

He started his quest by publishing his first book, Tamerlane.

A Breif Friendship

Because of his mother's death,John and Edgar briefly got along,and Allen helped Poe get into military school.Poe made an appointment for military school, after only eight months, Poe was kicked out of West Point MilitaryAcademy.

Poe was alone and broke at this point,so he moved to Baltimore with his Aunt, Maria Clemm.He soon fell in love with his cousin, Virginia Clemm.

When Virginia was only 13, she and Poe married and Poe enlisted her as being 21.

Deaths and Last Words

Virginia died in 1847.

Edgar then fell to alcoholism and was in poverty, two years later he was found unconscious at a bar,and said one of these two things,bboth are possible theories from a hospital, "Lord help my poor soul!" or,  he kept repeating, "Reynolds".

This is where Poe died.

list of poe's books

The Raven

The Tell Tale Heart

I am reading this,it is about a man who is trying to murder another man because his eye scares him.

The Fall House of Usher

The Black Cat

The Pit and the Pendulum

Note:All genres are Horror.

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