Edgar Gentle

Administrator of Class Action and Mass Tort Cases

Edgar Gentle is a respected Birmingham, Alabama, attorney who has practiced with Gentle, Turner, Sexton, and Harbison, LLC, for more than two decades. In his role as a court neutral, he creates and administers settlements in mass torts and major class actions. Over the course of his career, Edgar Gentle has handled many large-scale settlements.

One major case involved serving as an escrow agent and special master for the MDL 926 Global Breast Implant Settlement. Spanning a period from 1992 to 2015, the settlement involved more than $1.1 billion in claim payments. Edgar Gentle also helped administrate the Dow Corning Breast Implant Settlement in the early 2000s as the interim financial advisor.

Mr. Gentle has published a number of articles in his field, including one on the Tolbert PCB settlement in Anniston, Alabama, and various titles on state tax reform. Outside of the law firm, he serves as the Alabama Democratic Party treasurer. He is also an avid angler who competes in several bass tournaments each year and enjoys spending time in his lake house.

Alabama Outdoor News Gives Bass Fishing Tips for Logan Martin Lake

Since 1992, attorney Edgar “Ed” Gentle has worked for Gentle Turner Sexton & Harbison, LLC, in Birmingham, Alabama. Away from work, Ed Gentle enjoys spending time at his lake houses and fishing for bass.

One of the lakes that he frequents is Logan Martin Lake found in Pell City, Alabama. Situated in the east-central part of the state, Logan Martin Lake was named after a company lawyer. The lake has 275 miles of shoreline and borders St. Clair and Talladega Counties.

Each month, Alabama Outdoor News provides updates on the state’s lakes and their corresponding bass fishing reports. In July 2017, the publication announced that the summer months at Logan Martin Lake mean that brush piles accumulate. As a result, anglers need to slow down and use the brush piles to their advantage. They should find one that’s closest to the current and place the jig on the pile. The publication also states a shaky head with green plastic works well when fishing off the lake’s docks.