Edgerton Hospital

Edgerton Hospital, Delivering Quality Care in Wisconsin

About Edgerton Hospital

A health care provider with a history going back to 1920, Edgerton Hospital and Health Services furnishes a high standard of treatment to patients in such Wisconsin communities as Milton, Janesville, and Edgerton. The establishment offers an Emergency and Urgent Care Center, which stays open 24 hours a day all year round and is staffed by a dozen experienced hospitalists. Beyond its emergency services, Edgerton Hospital includes a surgical department capable of performing specialized procedures in fields ranging from pediatric dentistry to ophthalmology.

For patients with heart conditions, Edgerton Hospital and Health Services delivers quality cardiac support. For instance, the provider furnishes modern diagnostic procedures such as electrocardiograms and stress tests that help cardiologists diagnose heart problems. Besides its diagnostic solutions, the hospital offers a cardiac rehabilitation program focused on enhancing heart health through regular exercise. Many insurance plans cover such rehabilitation for individuals affected by heart attacks, chronic stable heart failure, peripheral arterial disease, and other serious conditions.

Complementing its clinical programs and capabilities, the hospital provides community education classes with titles such as Active Aging and Cooking for One or Two.