Figurative language in songs

By: Josue Mendoza

One example of figurative language in music is in the song "My humps" by the black eyed peas.

Because in the beginning it says " I'm going to get you drunk off my hump, my lovely lady humps" And you can't get drunk off of a 'hump..." so this is a example of hyperbole.

Another example of figurative language in music is.

Another example is Rick Astley's "never going to give you up" because it says

"Your hearts been aching..."

This is a example of personification because its giving a heart the motion to have pain

Another example is ice ice baby by vanilla ice , this example is another example of personification because vanilla ice says "Cooking MCs like a pound of bacon" which he is not really talking about cooking MCs like a pound of bacon he is just meaning like being better than them.