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Check out the video below!

If you go to set up your Edmodo account within the district network, you will be redirected to the CFBISD subdomain of Edmodo.

You will need the Edmodo code only once for your home campus to set up your account.  Please email for your campus code before creating your account.

If you do already have an Edmodo teacher account, when you go to the Edmodo site within the district network, you will need to enter your campus code only once to bring your account into the district domain.

How to join your district network. (digital directions)

Implementation of Edmodo can differ depending on your grade level.  Edmodo has grade level guides for Early Elementary, Late Elementary, Middle School, and High School.

Check out the interactive teacher guide below.

Develop a deeper understanding of the three types of Edmodo accounts (teacher, student, parent)  via the video below!

Groups is a feature within Edmodo to organize your students.  You can organize students by class period, content, topic, etc.   Check out the video below for how to create groups within the Edmodo platform.

A good way to share content with your student groups is to share resources with them via folders.