How to Connect Your Edmodo Account

Our newly launched Emodo login allows teachers to connect their existing Tackk account to Edmodo, or login for the first time. Follow the steps below based on your account.

I already have a Tackk account

1. Login to Tackk as your normally would.

2. Click this link to get to 'My Account' > 'Social Networks'

4. Turn on the Edmodo toggle and enter your Edmodo username and password to sync the accounts.

5. Your accounts are now synced and you can login with Edmodo.

I am new to Tackk and don't have an account yet

1. From the signup screen, select Edmodo and enter your username and password (if not already logged in).

2. Follow the steps above to connect other social accounts and login with any of them.

Questions? Tweet @Tackk or email Andria at Tackk.

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thank you

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Not on this topic, but don't know how to get to a help option. Can there be more than one page for each tackk? Do kids collaborate only by adding to the stream? How would we register a group of students?
Love what we see. Thanks.

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