Edmodo + Tackk: Edu Life Just Got Better

Edmodo and Tackk are two apps that educators are using in the classroom, so it made sense for us to integrate the platforms to improve your experience.

Here are a few ways you can use Tackk + Edmodo in the classroom.

Login to Tackk through Edmodo

We're making it easy to access Tackk through your Edmodo account.

  • One-click sign up/login
  • Works with both teacher and student accounts
  • If you already have a Tackk account, click here to learn how to connect Edmodo.
One click login.

Share Tackks to Edmodo

After your Tackk is complete, share it on Edmodo with one click!
  • Post an assignment, project, example Tackk to your Edmodo group feed
  • Submit completed student Tackks to group feeds, or to teachers directly
Edmodo is one of many share options.

Search and Launch the Tackk app on Edmodo

Do a search to find and launch the Tackk app in Edmodo. When you launch the app, your browser will open Tackk.com and you can start Tackking immediately. If you want to start creating from an education template, see our education page.

Also, check out our teacher blog post on the Edmodo blog!

Join the Tackk community page

If you're active on Edmodo, then you should join our community page to stay in-the-know about TackkEdu. We post regular lesson plan examples, student content, edu blog posts, new templates and more.

How else can Tackk and Edmodo work together? Share your thoughts below.