declaration of independence
by: Sarah-grace acker & zach langley

1. The preamble was the opening of the Declaration of Independence. The preamble was stating the reasons they were fighting for their freedom and independence. The preamble was directly towards King George III. The last line of the preamble says that "The respects and the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which forces them to separate." This was explaining the main reason why they wanted their independence from King George III.  

2. God created all men equal and all men are born with certain natural rights. These rights should not be taken away. The Declaration of Natural Rights is explaining that no man should have ultimate power but man is born with natural rights. It states that we have the right to "throw off" such government if they gain too much power.

3.  List of Grievances

(1) He has refused his approval of the laws that are best for the public.

(2) He is the only one allowed to pass laws

(3) He will not pass laws to help big districts and the poor

(4) He has made his legislative uncomfortable and threatened them and a secretive way so they will go along with his plans

(5) He has broken up the Representative house for not agreeing with him

(6) He has found ways to put people into legislature when he knows that it will not harm his position

(7) He has prevented foreigners from coming into his territory

(8) He did not want any judiciary powers.

(9) He has bribed the judges to make them agree with him on everything

(10) He has sent troops to harass the American people

(11) He has brought armies over to rule us without our consent

(12) He has kept his army at watch over us to prevent our civil power

(13) He has thrown away our constitutional laws an given us his own laws

(14) He has given up on governing our people and has declared war against us

(15) He is trying to destroy our patriot parts

(16) He is transporting as many armies as he needs to completely destroy the colonials

(17) He has ordered them to kill our citizens and hold them captive

(18) He has ordered them to kill our colonials including all ages, all sexes and conditions

4. The Resolution of Independence by the US is the closing of the Declaration. Its stating that the 12 states will be independent and they will have their freedom. Its cutting off the connection with Britain completely.  

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