Matthew Lovesee

Honduras is know for attracting tourists to there gorgeous beaches, Islands and the lush rainforests with the remains of the Mayans.

People: Population of Honduras is 8,448,465

Famous places: Mayan ruins, colonial villages, and the Rio Cangrejal.

Phrases: Sin denero = no money/broke, animala= thing, andar buzo= being alert

Government: President Juan Orlando Hernández, Money is Honduran Lempira Language is spanish, Capital of Honduras is Tegucigalpa

Food: The food is similar to America, Beans, Rice, Cheese and Tortillas and for there meat they have Chicken, Beef, The picture below is a picture some food.


Soccer is common in Honduras  and their Fifa ranking position is 33rd in 2014

Works cited: google.com/Honduras

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