Edu 210 Mlearning Apps

Drew Sutherland

The link above is to the Virtual Museum of Canada. This link could be very useful in helping educate your class on important pieces of Canadian history, and the treasures that it houses. Combining this website with a smart board, it would make it possible for the class to go on a virtual field trip. It would make it possible to aid students who learn differently by giving them an alternative means of learning. The hope would be for the students to continue this learning at home, by having them do research on one of the items in the class.

When teaching World War One this political cartoon could help reinforce the students understanding of the complications that occurred during the First War. It would helps shows the utter confusion that World War One was and reinforce where the finger was pointed. It would give the students a good chance to explore what they think the causes of World War One were through doing an in depth analysis of this photo. It would help students learn through different means than just hearing about it.

The video above is a CBC documentary that describes the early confederation of Canada. The video goes into great depth on how this happened, and would allow the class to have another voice that would reinforce the basic thoughts on how it happened. The class would also get a chance to enjoy a video, while having it be instructional. Having a well done video gives students another chance to create and reinforce a proper understanding of how Canada became a unified country.

The form above would be applicable to class, because it would be possible for the students to have a venue to input their thoughts on subjects and or other things. It could be used as a blog for students to share their opinion on a subject, perhaps as a journal. Another use could be the class sharing their opinion on what the class would like to do on a pizza day or another party.

The video above is actually a music video, and it is for a younger class. The video does a vary good job of creating a catchy sound that explains how to use a silent e, and the differences it makes. Since the video is so catchy it will help the information stick with the students, and reinforce how they learn.

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