How to blend #TackkEdu into your learning mix.


Get off the Oregon Trail.

Remember when #edtech amounted to occasional computer lab trips and rounds of Oregon Trail? Today, educators are shifting toward online delivery of instruction and assignments for a portion of the day. You know it as blended learning. You're aiming to make students and teachers more productive and lessons more efficient and engaging. And there's a wide world of tools to help make that happen.

Enter Tackk.

It's no surprise educators discovered and co-opted Tackk on their own. (What can we say? Teachers are smart!) Tackk is a super-simple content creation tool that requires no training, no design/development skills, no login to create great-looking, robust online content. Oh, yeah: and it's free!

Three ways educators use #TackkEdu.

Educators hail Tackk's simplicity — you're not tech support, after all — and have shown us countless ways to use it. In fact, we've even given this category a name: #TackkEdu. Here are three ways they're putting #TackkEdu to work in the classroom:

1. Assignments

Create, communicate and collect assignments for your class. Teachers use Tackks to outline project requirements and document formatting, provide resource links and embed videos. Student can tag assignments by teacher and assignment name to populate Tackkboards with their projects. See a sample assignment Tackk and learn how to create assignment Tackkboards.

2. Hybrid lessons

One part composition, one part technology. Tackk gives students a platform to nurture creativity and tech savvy while following instructions and formatting standards. Students who use Tackk to create and turn in reports put research, writing and presentation skills to the test. And they can create their assignments from desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile devices.

3. Share assignments and lesson plans

Tackks were made for sharing. Educators share assignments, lesson plans and lessons-learned via Tackk, contributing to a growing body of knowledge in the education community. You can post your Tackks across your social networks, including nine spots directly from your Tackk environment. Get feedback on your tactics, give it, discover new ideas or promote your own great ones.

Get started.

It's ridiculously simple to get started. Just visit and start typing. You can begin with a blank canvas or with our class assignment template. See this sample assignment Tackk and sample lesson plan for inspiration and tell us your ideas, ask your questions or share your feedback with us — tweet @Tackk with hashtag #TackkEdu.