Edu 210 Apps

For Division 2 Social Studies

I have outlined some apps I think would be helpful for a social studies class. Keep in mind that these apps are primarily for IOS.

National Archives DocsTeach


This is a free app that allows the user to enter a class and access a variety of resources on specific subjects and lectures. Teachers register on, and they create a class for their students to enter in. The user can also choose a historical topic on their own without being part of a class. This app gives many primary resources, mostly from the US National Archives.

Graphite,. (2015). National Archives DocsTeach. Retrieved from

Concrete example on how it could be used:

It's inconvenient that it only provides American history, but it can still come in handy for specific lessons or people. If I were to use this app I would create a class code, and provide it to my students. I would have the application be for practice as well as use resources it provides. I could potentially have the students participate in discussions revolving around specific documents or subjects.

History: Maps of World

Description :

This app enables users to explore interactive maps from around the world and from expansive time periods. The shifts of the world map can become clear to students using this app. This app provides 178 historical maps as well as the site the map was used from. This app is one of the better map applications, especially considering that it is free.

iTunes,. (2015). History:Maps of World. Retrieved from

Concrete example on how it could be used:

With this application, I would plan an activity where students compare the maps throughout the history of a specific place and describe what changes took place in time and why. This project could be done individually, or as a research group project. This app is also helpful for students to reference to better understand and follow lessons.

Today In History


With this free app, the user can see major events in human history or present based that happened on the specific day the app is being used. The app provides interesting global facts, as well as births, deaths and holidays of any specific day. Many of the facts brought up are actual newspaper headlines, and images often accompany the facts.

iTunes,. (2015). Today In History. Retrieved from

Concrete example on how it could be used:

This app could be interesting for students to gain perspective and immerse themselves in history. Hopefully by using this app, students can gain respect and connect to history better. This app would be harder to have a set lesson plan involving it but could be used by students to discuss the events of history that day. For example, there could be an open debate and discussion forum about the events from the history of that day.


Description :

Skitch enables users to use their own pictures to mark and write comments on. It allows the user to highlight a pdf, caption pictures and create their own marks on maps. This free app could be used by students who prefer a more visual approach to learning.

iTunes,. (2015). Skitch. Retrieved from

Concrete example on how it could be used:

With this app, I would provide students with a pdf or a map and have them follow along and make appropriate highlights or drawings on the source. This could help students to study and follow along easier, or just to immerse themselves better.



With this free app, the user can see what in history happened in the area around them. It provides a map, and with your location you can see major events, or places that occured in your area, even giving pictures and sources to accompany some events.

iTunes,. (2015). WhatWasThere. Retrieved from

Concrete example on how it could be used:

I would have students find what is around where they live and research on it. They could visit the place, take pictures, and compare the current location with what used to be there. Ideally, the students would be able to immerse themselves in the history around them and find the history more relevant.

Flow of History

This app is the most expensive out of all the apps I previously mentioned. It is $1.99, but is 50% off for schools. Basically, this app provides pre-made flow charts, as well as the ability to create original flow charts. The flow charts are dynamic, and include multipl

It's history as it should be experienced: a dynamic fluid process instead of the standard names & dates approach to history you learned to hate in school, The Flow of History gives you world history in a series of 243 hyper-linked full-color flowcharts. Now you can explore the connections between various historical events & processes, both across time & between cultures.

The core idea is to show the dynamics of history, how different forces & events (political, social, economic, & cultural) have interacted over time to create our world today.

Each flowchart is a self-contained 1-page overview of a particular topic & a hyper-linked doorway to the people, events, & forces that affected different eras of history & were affected in turn by them.

Embedded in the links between flowcharts is the idea that the impact of any event in history neither begins with nor not stops at the end of that flowchart. Thus The Flow of History functions in essence as one flowchart broken into 242 sub-flowcharts hyper-linked to encompass the entire human story.

The Flow of History can be a quick reference tool and study guide for specific historical topics, the starting point for deeper research with its hundreds of picture essays, or an integrated world history tied together by hundreds of internal hyper-links.

iTunes,. (2015). Flow of History. Retrieved from

Concrete example on how it could be used:

This app is limitless. It can be used for the students own studying, they can follow a flowchart I use or create their own. Potentially students can follow with me as we discuss a specific lesson and they can gain a more well-rounded understanding of the subject.

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