How To Use Tackk in Your Classroom

Real Examples from Teachers Like You


Students share their views on how they can increase the peace.

Philadelphia computer Science teacher Harvey Scribner uses Tackk to help boost creativity with students, and loves the simplicity of the content creation. His students are regularly using Tackk for research projects and homework assignments. Most recently, Mr. Scribner asked students to show how they would "increase the peace" using text, images and links for #PeaceDay2013.

It's easy to see all unique content created by his students since they all tagged their Tackks #xroadsatmeade (school name) and #peaceday2013 (specific assignment).

History of Mesopotamia

Dan Klumper's sixth grade social studies class learns about periods of history, influential historical figures, geography of the world and more. In the classroom, Mr. Klumper students are engaged with specific projects by tackking information on their Tackk accounts.

For one assignment, Mr. Klumper asked students to create Tackks to show how people lived during the Mesopotamian era, using photos, videos, buttons and maps.

Students created Tackk accounts so that all content lived under their profile, which they could save, edit and add to during the school year.

Presentations / Communication

1. Writing in Technology

Ms. Hoban's 'Writing with Technology' presentation.

Tackk is an easy option for beautiful presentations, and allows you to embed text, photos, videos, audio, maps, links, buttons, forms and buy options. It's also a great place to gain exposure for presentations by using tags like #edtech and #education.

K-12 Educational Technology Integration Specialist, Stephanie Hoban, uses Tackk for presentations she gives at local conferences and teachers in her district. She made the switch from Prezi to Tackk because of Tackk's simplicity and visual appeal.

2. Social Media in Education

Mr. Nesi presents social media in education.

Christopher Nesi found Tackk to be useful for a presentation he gave on using social media in education. As he used Tackk, he loved the simplcity and wanted to share Tackk with other teachers searching for classroom resources.

Other ways Mr. Nesi shared Tackk?

  • Added a Tackk social icon to his blog
  • Included Tackk in his blog resource list so other teachers could find and use the tool
  • Created bio of himself/personalized URL to share

3. Blog Post Showing Multiple Tackk Uses

In the world of education, you're in a constant search for free and simple tools that can be used in the classroom, by both teachers and students.'s Richard Byrne writes about Tackk's multiple uses and how it can be used to create simple webpages, collect assignments, student fundraising and more.