Create Your Own Instructional Videos On Your iPad

Educreations is an app that allows to create demonstration lessons, how-to-videos, tutorials, and pretty much anything. It is easy to use and easy to create.  A couple of things to do before starting.


  1. Create an Teacher Account at
  2. Affiliate with CHISD and complete all fields.
  3. Download Educreations app.
  4. Click Settings cogwheel icon.
  5. Login
  6. Begin using Educreations

Pricing Info

You can get a lot done with the free version of Educreations.  Howver, if you are interested in expanding beyond the free version, here is link to their pricing structure.

Educreations Examples

If you are like me, I like to see examples and build off of ideas I watch.  Other times I like reading about examples and getting an idea of how to structure my recordings.

Educreations Features

So what exactly does Educreations do? Educreations is now even easier to use and more powerful than ever. We carefully reconsidered every detail to create the essential tool for teaching and learning on the go.