Getting Started with EduGuide

First, what is EduGuide and why are you completing these activities.

What is EduGuide?

EduGuide is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping students reach their academic and personal goals. The EduGuide lessons will be posted along with other work in your English class once a week for the Fourth Marking Period. You will complete the work on the EduGuide site.

How Long Will It Take?

It's self-paced, but we suggest you spend the time to complete the week's lesson. It should take less than 30 minutes.

Creating Your EduGuide Account

FIRST: Go to

Complete the information for making an account by following the directions given on
the screen.  Use your PALCSmail address and click Have a Code.

7-­‐digit invitation code below to join my class:



Moving Forward:

To start your EduGuide lessons, you will return to EduGuide:

Use your PALCSmail address and password to log into EduGuide each week.

Complete the series of questions that follow. (2o-30 Minutes)

Once you have created your account and completed the questions, please respond to the forum.