Google Play Apps for an elementary classroom

Comic Creator

Educational Comic Creator

Educational Comic Creator: this app allows you to design your own story, you get to be the author and put your own spin on things. I would use an app like this during English Language Arts to have students retell their favorite stories. I would use this tool to assess comprehension and synthesis. This would be a great way for students to show you that they understand the main parts of a story and what the author's main message and plot is within a written text. I would have students present their work to their peers. This tool is also a creative way for students to experience the writing process using multiliteracies.

Math Workout

Math Workout: a great app to challenge and improve your math skills and keep your mind sharp. This app provides great math variety and lets you move through different levels of skills. I would definitely set this app up at a learning center in the classroom. It allows students to focus on addition/subtraction or multiplication/division. It also has different games and challenges. I would use this app to help make math more appealing. Also, it is a great way to incorporate foundational math skills into the classroom without making kids feel embarrassed about their skills. This app could be also be used for mini math competitions in groups and to set up a “rapid fire” math event once all students were confident at a particular skill. This app is great because it tracks your progress and then gives you more difficult questions according to your improvements.

Water Cycle

Water Cycle: This is app allows you to see visual representation of the water cycle. I would use this app in the classroom at a station during a science lesson. I would first teach the water cycle and have students doing different activities to demonstrate their understanding. At one of the stations I would have a Chromebook set up with this app. This app would provide visuals supplemented with text to help students make deeper connections to the material. This is also a good method to incorporate Universal Design for Learning as students will be presented the information via a variety of platforms. This app would help students visualize the process of the water cycle and the changes in phases that the water molecules go through during the cycle. After each student has had a chance to use the app, I would have students recall the water cycle onto a piece of paper and display the artwork around the classroom.

Canadian Geographic

Canadian Geographic: This online magazine provides great information about Canada’s geography, wildlife, and culture. I would use this app during quiet reading time and during social studies. This app would be great to supplement the Social Studies program of studies by allowing students to explore and find interesting information about a particular geographical location. Students would be encouraged to discover the predominant type of wildlife or custom of a particular province or territory. This app is a great way to show Canada’s diversity and interconnectedness.

Canadian Provinces and Territories

Canadian Provinces and Territories: very useful app to help students learn the provinces and territories of Canada. I would use this app during a social studies class, I would have students form groups and give each group a mobile device and have each member of the group spell the correct capital/province/territory. This is a great way for students to learn at their own pace and be able to read facts about each province or territory. This app also allows for the incorporation of literacy connections across the curriculum since there is a spelling component to each section. This app also shows you each province or territory on a map so that students can see where they live in relation to other family members or friends. It is also an effective way for students to begin to recognize different flags and geographical differences across the country. Students can also learn the oceans surrounding parts of Canada.

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