E-mail Etiquette

By: Nya Wiyual

1. Make it personal:Not only should the e-mail be personally addressed, it should also include personal i.e. customized content. For this reason auto replies are usually not very effective. However, templates can be used effectively in this way, see next tip.

2.Answer swiftly:When you answer swiftly that is when you answer quickly and you dont keep the person waiting and at least on the day you got the message.

3.Do not write in capitals:If you send your message it looks like you are shouting and that is not using your manners.

4.Use proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation:It make it look mature not amature, And to show that you know what you are doing.

5.Mind your manners: Make sure you read your E-mail to your self before you send it.To make sure that you did not make any mistakes, and if you did that you fixed them.

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