Edward Abbott Ravenscroft - Experienced Hiker and Fitness Enthusiast

A dedicated hiking enthusiast, Edward Abbott Ravenscroft travels to trekking destinations throughout the western United States. Along the South Rim of Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona, he has crossed the Bright Angel Trail, the South Kaibab Trail, and the rugged New Hance Trail. He also has hiked expert-level trails through the Cascade Mountains in Washington. In Southwestern Utah, Edward Abbott Ravenscroft has traversed footpaths at Bryce Canyon National Park and Zion National Park, where he favors the Northgate Peaks Trail and Canyon Overlook Trail.

Also interested in other health and fitness pursuits, Mr. Ravenscroft follows a nutritious diet and exercises at Malibu Fitness in Malibu, California. As an amateur bodybuilder, he achieved second and fourth place finishes in competitions at the 2010 National Physique Committee’s Desert Muscle Classic. He also studies karate at Joey Escobar’s Malibu Martial Arts. Most recently, he has taken up paddle-boarding on a custom-made paddleboard constructed of carbon fiber.

When he is not engaged in physical activities, Edward Ravenscroft enjoys watching Arizona’s professional sports teams and attends Diamondbacks, Cardinals, and Suns games. He also maintains an appreciation for Native American jewelry and an interest in indigenous North American tribes, such as the Navajo, Chickasaw, Apache, and Seminole.

Professionally, he is a shareholder of Abbott Laboratories in Chicago, Illinois.