Edward E. O'Sullivan

President of Capital Associates, Incorporated, Business Development and Government Relations

About Edward E. O'Sullivan 

An experienced businessman with a strong educational background, Edward E. O’Sullivan leverages his expertise with several business entities in New England. The former chief of staff of the Massachusetts House Minority Leadership office, he presently serves as managing director of Straight Cents LLC and as principal at Capital Advertising LLC, both of Boston. Additionally, Edward E. O’Sullivan leads Capital Associates, Inc. as principal and Payer Technologies LLC as president and chief executive officer.

When not engaged with his professional responsibilities, Mr. O’Sullivan maintains involvement with a broad array of philanthropic and civic-minded endeavors in and around his local community. He supports organizations such as the New England Shelter for Homeless Veterans, the Boston College Campus School, and the ARC of Southern Worcester County, Massachusetts. He also dedicates time and energy to the board of directors of Best Buddies Massachusetts. In his leisure hours, Edward E. O’Sullivan enjoys pursing a range of enriching activities including attending the opera and theater, reading, coaching various sports, and expanding his perception of the world via travel. 

An Introduction to Bluefish Angling Along America’s East Coast

Accomplished Massachusetts-based businessman Edward E. O’Sullivan leads several companies in Boston, including Capital Associates, Inc., where he has served as president for over two decades. In his free time, Edward E. O’Sullivan enjoys a range of activities, including reading, boating, and fishing for bluefish.

Also commonly known as a chopper or snapper, the bluefish is a popular gamefish with a large mouth, sharp teeth, and a blue to bluish-green coloring. Bluefish thrive in temperate coastal oceans throughout the world and are found along the North American east coast from Nova Scotia to Florida, where they are concentrated during the winter months.

Although they tend to be much smaller in other parts of the world, east coast bluefish can weigh over 20 pounds and are a highly sought-after catch for recreational anglers. Many fisherman recommend live bait as the best option for bluefish angling, and most would suggest using wire leaders to keep your catch from biting through the line and making off with your tackle.

Best Buddies of Massachusetts

A graduate of the New England School of Law, Edward E. O'Sullivan serves as president and chief executive officer of Capital Connections, an Internet voter and constituent services data company. Additionally, Edward E. O'Sullivan actively supports a number of charitable organizations, including Best Buddies of Massachusetts, which supports children and adults with intellectual disabilities.

Intellectual disabilities should not be a barrier to attending and succeeding in school or to having a long term career in the business community. At Best Buddies, children as students are matched with other students to enhance the educational experience. At the adult level, Best Buddies works to place individuals in long term employment situations.

Now an international organization with chapters across the United States and Europe, Best Buddies serves a large international constituent base. Volunteers contribute money, give time and support these individuals.Coming soon is the annual Best Buddies Hyannisport Challenge golf tournament.

To read more about the organization or to make a donation, visit www.bestbuddiesmassachusetts.org.

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