Edward (Ned) Kelly: A Cold Blooded Murderer

By Charlie Trenorden 7A

Ned Kelly Was A Vicious Criminal

Do you respect and glorify role-modelling sportspeople, famous singers, your friends and family, influential parliamentary figures, or maybe your favourite actor? Many of you, if asked this question, would reply "Yes". Society looks up to excellence and achievement. Ned Kelly was certainly not a sportsman, a singer, an actor or a politician. He did not strive for achievement, nor did he possess excellence. He was a mere cold-blooded murderer. Ned Kelly should certainly not be glorified and perceived as an Australian icon and folk hero. Ned was a vicious murderer. He cowardly shot three innocent men, brought much suffering to their families and injured and brought much grief to many citizens.

Ned Kelly shot and killed three policemen. These three men had surrendered several seconds before Ned murdered them. Ned had seen the policemen's surrender, yet he did not hesitate and continued to shoot these innocent men. This is a cowardly act and Ned Kelly should not be glorified as an Australian folk hero and icon because of this.

Why does Australian society glorify a murderer whom brought suffering and grief to many innocent citizens and impulsively shot three men who had surrendered seconds before. Does society look up to and glorify Hitler as a German hero, an idol, a folk hero? How about Osama Bin Laden, a Saudi Arabian terrorist? Was he respected as a hero and a champion? Ned Kelly was no different to these men, he murdered and brought suffering. Yet, still he is glorified as an Australian icon. He cowardly shot three men whom were not threatening his life. This was extremely cold-blooded. While many Australians are inspired by Ned's perseverance and rebellious nature against authority, he is in fact a mere cold-blooded criminal and killer. Ned's behaviour is socially unacceptable, and, although today's Australian society are impressed that Ned showed disrespect for, and escaped the law, his behaviour is completely appalling, atrocious and shows irreverence to authorities and the law. His behaviour should certainly not be glorified.

Ned Kelly was a thief of countless cattle and horses from farmers who struggled to make a living. He commonly disrespected the law, and, consequently, received hard labour and jail sentences regularly. He sent numerous offensive letters to police and citizens. He planned to blow up a train with hundreds of policemen aboard. These policemen aboard were not threatening Ned in any way. They were simply passing through the area. Ned and his gang planned to launch an explosive attack on the 200 police. The 200 police gained knowledge of this plan and, in self defence, the police attacked the Kelly Gang. Ned Kelly stole money from banks and kidnapped citizens. Ned was a menace towards the authorities and showed disrespect. He was an infamous outlaw responsible for murders and suffering. Ned is certainly not worthy of being honoured as an Australian hero. He showed much irreverence to authorities and the police force. Surely you mustn't believe Ned Kelly's behaviour deserves to be applauded and glorified?


The Beginnings Of The Glenrowan Shootout

Description: The Kelly Gang were planning an attack on a police train passing through Glenrowan. The gang had gained knowledge days before that hundreds of police were aboard this train. They had begun planning an explosive attack on the train as it passed through Glenrowan. Several hours before the train departed and began its journey travelling through Glenrowan and out to Swan Hill (where police were in urgent need), the police force travelling on the train gained knowledge of the Kelly Gang's attack. The police force reversed the ambush and surprised the Kelly Gang. The Glenrowan Shootout had begun.

A Policeman: As we're travelling into the area of Glenrowan, I'm beginning to realise I'm quite afraid. What if the information given to us only hours before we departed is, in fact, unreliable and given to us to assist in the Kelly Gang's ambush? Lately, information isn't that reliable. Citizens respect and try to help Ned. I'm not quite sure why. He's a cold-blooded killer. He killed three of our men. He robs from banks and kidnaps citizens. I'm quite scared of Ned. He's been on the run for years. He was an outlaw's assistant for a year and a half. He grew up in a rough family. The bloke knows how to use a gun. I'm not just afraid of Ned, I'm afraid of the gang. But, then again, we have the advantage of surprise. The Kelly Gang have no knowledge we'll be stopping the train at Glenrowan. They were originally ambushing us. They planted explosives on the tracks in hope of exploding the train as it passed through Glenrowan. We were notified of this attack only hours before we departed the station. We plan to stop the train before hitting the explosives, then jump out and attack the Kelly Gang. I guess, we also have the advantage of numbers. There's only four of them against 200 of us.

We're just arriving at Glenrowan now. The driver just stopped the train. I saw two men running into the trees on the horizon. Probably two of the Kelly Gang, or maybe just residents of Glenrowan. We're now departing the train. The battle has begun.

Joe Byrne: We've been waiting in the trees beside the railway for three hours. I'm beginning to have second thoughts about this attack. I mean, there's four of us against 200 of them, although, the majority will probably be injured in the explosion. Still, we stand almost no chance. They're trained professionals. However, we do have the advantage of surprise. They have no idea we've planted explosives on the track. They're not even stopping at Glenrowan. They're travelling out to Swan Hill as police are in urgent need out there. Our plan is that as they pass we'll explode the tracks and the train. The train will probably explode and crash.

We received information three days ago that 200 policemen will be travelling through Glenrowan (not stopping) on their route to Swan Hill. We planted explosives on the tracks several hours ago and we are now waiting for the train to arrive. Ned and Dan are playing Tic Tac Toe with their pocket knives.

I can hear the train now. It's getting closer. Dan and Ned are aiming their weapons. Steve is up at the Glenrowan Hotel.

What? The train is slowing down! It stopped! The police are exiting the train. It's an ambush! They must've gained knowledge of our plan to attack the train with explosives. Probably from one of our friends. These days, being on the run, we can't trust anyone but ourselves. Some of the police are surrounding the hotel 100 metres from the trainline. They're searching the trees around the trainline. It's only a matter of time before they see us. We can't escape. We've been betrayed.

Below: The Location Of The Glenrowan Shootout

Below: A Vicious Murderer

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