Edward Sylvan

Experience in Business Management and Securities

About Edward Sylvan

Edward Sylvan holds a bachelor’s degree in business from York University. An experienced professional in the securities industry in Canada, Edward Sylvan currently serves as the chairman and CEO of the Sycamore Entertainment Group, Inc. This company specializes in acquiring film rights to manage the distribution of commercially promising films. For example, Sycamore Entertainment successfully acquired and distributed The Eye of the Storm and the 26 episodes of The Judy Garland Show. As a leader in the company, Edward Sylvan is responsible for developing relationships for strategic film acquisitions, managing corporate expenses, and developing marketing strategies.

Prior to establishing his career with Sycamore Entertainment, Edward Sylvan served as the director of Beco International, a corporate finance firm. His recent experience also includes offering consulting services through Silau II Holdings Ltd.

In his personal life, he supports charitable organizations such as the Face the World foundation in Vancouver, British Columbia. His personal interests include playing sports, driving, and experimenting with crowd funding and film-financing techniques.