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Belize's typical Christmas tree is decorated with mostly boats and trees. The boats symbolize their fishing industry which they have succeeded greatly in. The birds symbolize peace. Typically they say "Felize Navidad" which means "Merry Christmas" in Spanish. One tradition for Christmas in Belize is going from house to house, for 10 days before Christmas with Joesph and Mary statues. They will go house to house asking for food and shelter for the night until the 10th night where they will make it back to the church for Jesus's birth. People bring presents for this reinactment of shepards giving to Jesus after he was born.

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Although Belize has their own original customs like boxing day, which is a celebration the day after Christmas which involves people dancing, singing, and playing drums in the street the day after Christmas, their Christmas has similar aspects to Christmas in North America. They, like us, visit family and send Christmas cards to their loved ones. Another similarity is that they put up a Christmas tree like we do, except they usually fill theirs with miniature boats and birds that symbolize their nation.

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For Belizian Christmas, they love to make a big holiday feast. Usually this feast includes rice and beans, and potato salad. They also make black fruitcake, white relleno, pebre, and tamales. White relleno is a soup famous in Belize that contains a pork stuffed chicken and raisins. Pebre is roasted pork and gravy. Rumpopo is similar to our eggnog and a favorite holiday refreshment in Belize.

Information Source: https://www.msichicago.org/scrapbook/scrapbook_exhibits/catw2004/traditions/countries/belize.html

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