Edwin Hammond Meredith

Professional Chef

About Edwin Hammond Meredith

Whether he is in the water or on land Edwin Hammond Meredith enjoys the outdoors. An action sports enthusiast living in the Florida Keys, he has recently taken up standup paddleboarding. In addition to his interest in standup paddleboard racing, Edwin Hammond Meredith participates in a group that completes long-distance water crossings. His last trip took him from the Keys to the Everglades and covered over 30 miles.

On land, he spends time camping, hiking, climbing, and biking. In keeping with his penchant for adventure sports, he also has an interest in off-roading. This type of driving requires a great deal of skill and a durable vehicle. Among his favorite vehicles for off-road treks is the rugged Land Cruiser, known for its ability navigate rough terrain and steep topography. His enthusiasm for off-roading naturally extends to an interest in rally racing and the World Rally Championship, which pits competitors and their cars against rocky, sandy courses and even snow and ice in locales across the globe, from Sweden to Mexico.

Not even snow can keep Edwin Hammond Meredith indoors. His winter-weather activities include snowboarding, snowmobiling, and ice climbing. He also travels out of the country frequently, an activity that has piqued his curiosity in different languages. Deriving a great deal of satisfaction from cooking, Meredith makes his living as a chef.

Common Mistakes Made By Beginning Paddleboarders

A professional chef in the Florida Keys, Edwin Hammond Meredith finds great enjoyment in participating in various warm-weather activities. One of his main focuses is stand-up paddleboarding (SUP), a sport that is rapidly growing in popularity. Edwin Hammond Meredith hopes to start competing in SUP races soon and already participates in long-distance water crossings.

Given the increasing popularity of stand-up paddleboarding, it’s only natural that there are plenty of SUP beginners. Unfortunately, beginners are often prone to making mistakes. Here are just some of the more common ones.

-Looking down: As beginners get used to balancing on a paddleboard, they are likely to stare down at their feet while on the water. This actually makes things less stable. It’s better to keep the legs relaxed and focus on the horizon while getting used to standing on the board.

- Holding the paddle the wrong way: Due to the shape of the paddle, beginners often hold it backwards. When holding an SUP paddle straight, the blade should be pointed toward the front of the board. This helps the board glide across the water by creating lift.

- Standing backwards: Although paddleboards are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, most of them tend to be oval-shaped. This makes it unclear which end is the front if a beginner isn’t paying attention. Look for writing or bungees on the front or traction pads and fins in the back.

- Choosing the wrong venue: Paddleboarders should never be in the swimming area on the water, nor should they get in the way of surfers or more experienced paddleboarders. Beginners should leave plenty of room around them and avoid experienced individuals until they get more practice.

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