Hero (Kevin Durant)

The Journey

Kevin Durant has been through a lot of struggles in life, kevin grow up poor and didn't have a lot of money to stay in one place the moved around a lot and never really had a bed to sleep on kevin wanted to be a basketball coach he had a lot of doubt by people saying he couldn't do it. Years later kevin durant is the Best Player in the nba kevin work hard went to school and practice every day to get better no matter what anyone said and now he is a good player and a good person he is very humble and not disrespectful he know where he came from and he know where he wanted to go kevin durant helps kid out by making shoes way cheaper then lebron James shoes or any shoes in the nike company because like him he know people cant afford 200$ sneakers so he makes 80 and 90 dollar sneaker for people that didnt come up wealthy like him he is a good role model for young teens and basketball players

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