Are our lives determined by fate, or by the acts of our free will?

John Crayne

My thoughts: Our actions are determined by our free will. We have the choice of what we want to make of ourselves, and what our future will have in store. People limit themselves to the expectations of their social status, or the judgement of others; they need to understand that their lives are under their control.

The answer to the question of free will and destiny is neither, and both. The more people believe in fate, that they have no choice, that all is determined by decisions or actions that have been made by some greater power, or by past actions that cannot be escaped, the more they limit themselves . When people believe absolutely in free will, that they are free to create whatever they want or do whatever they want, they deny the reality that they can't do whatever they want. There are conditions that realistically one cannot escape, that one has to take into account, within oneself, and in the world.

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