Korean War: Signfigant Events


North Korea crosses the 38th Parallel and invades South Korea. This event shows all the world how weak south Korea's army is. This event gives North Korea a big advantage.

U.S. joins the Vietnam War. This events shows what Side of Vietnam that other nations support. By having the U.s. join the war, it was clear they wanted to stop the growth of communism.

U.S. troops first reach the Northern Korea capital of Pyongyang. This events shows the morale of the troops as they wanted to end this war quickly. This also showed how they were willing to attack their capital and go all out in this war.

The UN takes back control of South Korea. This event shows how much South Korea's allies support them. South Korea received so many troops and supplies to help gain what they had lost. Before this event, North Korea had taken over South Korea.

North Korea and South Korea agree to a truce and the 38th Parallel was established. Inbetween the two sides lay neutral land. This shows that these aides were able to come to a peace agreement to end the war and establish peace.