The Presidency of George Washington

Hannah Dulin

1. Even though Washington was a military man, he signed a Proclamation of Neutrality, declaring that America would not take sides on the war between Great Britain and France, saving our country from fighting a battle that was not ours to fight.

2. In 1794, many states were upset about the government tax on whiskey, leading to riots against the tax. Riding into Pennsylvania with an army of 13,000 men, Washington quickly put down what is known as the "Whiskey Rebellion", showing that armed rebellion would not be tolerated in the American democracy.

3. President Washington agreed to build a new national capitol in the south to help gain support from the southern states to set up a national bank system and pay off all national and state debts. This capitol he decided to build is what we know as Washington D.C today.

4. During Washington's two terms serving as president, he established the tradition of cabinet members and defined how their roles would function. He decided how these roles would interact with the presidency, which has made a long lasting impression to our government throughout the years.