Ed Young Jr

Ed Young Jr., Senior Pastor at Fellowship Church in Grapevine, TX

Ed Young Jr. is the senior pastor of Fellowship Church in Grapevine, Texas. After founding the church, he oversaw its growth from a small group meeting in a rented office building to a major church with seven campuses in several states around the nation. Seeking to reach as many people as possible, Ed Young Jr. also maintains an online community for Fellowship Church and streams around-the-clock talks through Ed Young TV at EdYoung.com. Widely considered one of the foremost leaders in today’s Christian community, he has a reputation for delivering impassioned and engaging sermons and other talks. Ed Young Jr. travels around the nation to speak at various events and conferences on topics ranging from integrating Biblical truths with everyday life to becoming a more effective leader utilizing creativity.

A prolific author, Pastor Young has published 14 books that look at a range of different topics that Christians around the world encounter on a daily basis. His latest book, which addresses intimacy between spouses, secured him a place on the New York Times bestsellers list. His other books focus on child rearing, dating, and joyful living.

As an undergraduate at Florida State University, Ed Young Jr. received his call to ministry. Subsequently, he transferred to Houston Baptist University to complete his degree before matriculating at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary for his master of divinity. Prior to founding Fellowship Church, he was an associate pastor at Second Baptist Church in Houston.

For more than three decades, Ed Young Jr. has been married to his wife, Lisa. Together, they have raised four children. They live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

The A21 Campaign - Human Trafficking Prevention and Protection

Founded in 2007 as a way to combat human trafficking in countries across the globe, the A21 Campaign aims to abolish human trafficking and slavery in the 21st century. In terms of prevention, A21 seeks to raise awareness of human trafficking by working closely with community groups, universities, churches, and other institutions. A21 has also developed an innovative curriculum designed to teach young people strategies to avoid becoming victims.

In addition to preventing human trafficking, the A21 Campaign attempts to protect the survivors of human trafficking. To accomplish its mission, it provides a safe recovery environment and organizes a wide variety of restoration programs in its aftercare facilities. A21 also provides valuable support to law enforcement and government agencies, particularly in the areas of investigations, data collection, and training. Perhaps most importantly, the A21 Campaign provides survivors with vital physical and emotional services, ranging from education and vocational training to repatriation assistance.

Fellowship Church Offers Care and Support Groups

In keeping with its status as a leader in the Christian community, Fellowship Church provides a diverse array of care and support services for church members and non-members alike. The following is a brief overview of three prominent care and support groups at Fellowship Church.

- Connecting for Hope: Designed especially for the families of individuals struggling with compulsive behavior and an addiction to drugs and alcohol, Connecting for Hope provides valuable support and encouragement. The group holds weekly workshops at the Grapevine, Texas, campus on Thursdays.

- Crossroads: Everyone struggles with major transitions at various points in their lives. Whether embarking on a new job or coping with the loss of a loved one, participants in the Crossroads support groups have the opportunity to talk about their experiences in a safe, supportive environment.

- Family Grace Groups: Family Grace Groups provide support for the families and caregivers of people with mental disabilities. Bimonthly sessions attempt to eliminate the stigma of rejection and to equip caregivers with important practical skills.