Guangzhou City Profile

Investigating drug usage in Guangzhou

Sub - questions:

1) How does drug usage vary in Amsterdam and Guangzhou?

2) What are the most common types of drugs in Amsterdam and Guangzhou, and why?

3) How does the usage of drugs affect the city?

Guangzhou overview:

#1 This website provides a concise introduction to Guangzhou's economical position, as well as the standard facts such as population and area.

#2 This website provides an overview of Guangzhou's history, as well as transportation, attractions and Guangzhou's role in China's foreign commerce industry.

#3 This website introduces readers to China's view on drugs, and how Guangdong province is the part of China with the largest amount of drug users.

Sub - questions information:

Q1 - Guangzhou & Amsterdam

These two articles provide an idea of the government's stance on drugs, and how the ideals of these two governments are contrasting. The first article gives an overview on China's efforts to mitigate illegal drug usage, and the second provides readers with information in regards to Amsterdam and the laws relating to the use and sale of 'soft drugs'.

Q2 - Amsterdam & Guangzhou

The first article talks about Amsterdam's coffee shops, which are better known for their resale of weed than the actual coffee. It highlights the fact that weed is the most popular drug, due to it being so easily accessible, with 250+ coffee shops in Amsterdam alone. The second talks about the popularity of Ketamine along China's south coast, stating that Ketamine is on track to overtake heroin as the most popular drug in China.

Q3 -  Guangzhou & Amsterdam

Guangzhou's article is about the Chinese government's efforts to crack down on illegal drugs, and relates to my third question because it ties the government's efforts in with the city of Guangzhou. The Amsterdam article lays out the Netherland's laws on weed and other drugs, demonstrating the liberationist approach of the Netherlanders.

Relevant figures:

Amsterdam - The coffee shop owners. The coffee shop owners, especially in Amsterdam, are always fighting to maintain laws that benefit them, and work with a straightforward ethic that is what makes the liaison between the shop owners and the government clear and functional, which is the driving force behind the international success of these shops.

Guangzhou - The police. The police carry out the prosecutions, as decided by the government. They are at the forefront of each crackdown, uncovering and arrests made.

Relevant (mappable) data sets:

1) Areas of concentration for drug usage (ie where the highest amount of coffee shops are located in Amsterdam)

2) Which drug has prompted the most arrests (China specifically)

Other forms of media:

1) Amsterdam A documentary "Government Crackdown on Marijuana in the Netherlands". Interesting and extremely informative on the entire weed legal situation in the Netherlands

2) The image below depicts the burning of confiscated drugs in Guangzhou. It shows the government making a strong statement on their stance through the public  destruction of drugs.

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