Day #2 Writing on the iPad, ipads in the Library, BrainPop,Technology Integration in PE, & Staar review tools.

These are some examples of how other districts and schools are using various resources. We do have limited resources at the moment.  However, are they being used? Are we stepping away from the norm to help prepare our students and provide them with 21st century learning experiences? With that being said if we continue to use the resources that are currently available then I am able to justify the purchase of additional resources for our campus.

If you are interested in learning more information about the features of My Brainpop and the benefits of the student accounts. There is much more to Brainpop that just the instructional videos. Please RSVP below and I will provide you personally with more info. BrainPop Session #2 Coming Soon...

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Physical Education Resources

Staar Review Tools


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