Violent Youth

What makes children resort to physical violence, and how can you fix the problem ?

Why are kids violent?

According to The Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, it identifies  poverty and adult disregard and mistrust of young people as the primary environmental factors that contribute to violent youth behavior.

Poverty- The availability of drugs and firearms, communities with high crime rates and gang violence can all cause the youth to become violent. Other factors are poor housing, lack of services, and poor quality educational and recreational opportunities all have been known to lead to violence in children.

Adult disregard and mistrust- Children who do not have consistent, positive interaction with parents or other responsible adults are more likely to develop violent behavior. In addition, abuse or neglect, and exposure to high levels of marital and family conflict makes violent youth behavior more likely. Youth who have friends, siblings or other close relatives who are involved in violent behavior are also at higher risk.

How can you help solve the problem of physical violence?

Some steps parents or other authority figures can take to stop physical violence in teenagers is to:

1. Get them active by doing something non-violent like going to see a movie, going shopping or going out to eat for dinner.

2. Enocourage them to talk out about what is happening in their lives.

3. Monitor their social media websites

4. Control your own behavior and don't give them a bad example.

5. Set rules on the way you want your children to act around other people.

Comparing to THe Unidentified

This topic compares to the book The Unidentified because in the book the group named the unidentified were violent towards the other children to gain control of the game.

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